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: PROHIBITION DAYS "2" - "500 Best Reasons"+"Rally Championship"
: FEDROwhatISgood November 13, 2012, 23:00:10
PROHIBITION DAYS 1 (link) (                   
PROHIBITION DAYS 2               

Are a series of "warm up“ competitions leading to big Cross-Forum Championship that’s coming quite soon - starts as soon as we gather enough forums.
link: 1st.Gran Turismo Cross-Forum World Championship (

These PROHIBITION DAYS 1&2, should both start in just a few days - will be advertised at GTP, GTSurgeons and Pure - under specially kind and helpfull sponzoring from them :)

By their own right "Prohibition Days" are quite inovative series, with special new ways for:
1.) Many different cars on track simultaneously – but with Tuning Prohibited, and that eliminates exhausting set-up “guess” work, gives you more time for actual driving and having FUN :tup:

2.) You get to enjoy all 4 cars (in this example) during the same season - instead of time consuming 4 seasons. This way, for next season you already get to enjoy 4 completely new cars :tup: 

3.) New strategic options to keep championships exciting much longer :)

4.) New ways to get into highest divisions – instead of week long qualy to determine Divisions, your Division can change depending on result of previous race. Gives much more importance to actual racing :tup:

5.) Additional motivation for clean drivers and non-aggressors – by avoiding accidents and off-road excursions you can actually out-score higher placed drivers (if they drive too aggressively) 8)

And after first few seasons, more ways of cars-mixing are coming up - you get to drive all GT300 cars in one season, or all DTM's but in such ways that will keep them all "tuning prohibited" and yet competitive 8)

But, you know we need your support and some time? We can not shape this series to best wishes of it’s supporters before it has any! You see :) 

We’ve made quite a list of potential forums (cca.15) and will start climbing that hill these days. I would also like to ask you to recommend any other “GT” forums that you have contacts with and would like to invite to this Cross-forum stuff ;) Please do so, and it will be much appreciated!
Already on the roster are:
Gran Turismo Planet
And, as soon as time allows, Invites will be sent to major German, French, Spanish, Portugal, Benelux, Polish, Russian... and many other forums, including some bigger non-national ones as well. But this will take time, and most will not be up for a month or two. We are doing this seriously and with great care :)

“Warm ups” basically serve to provide a practical place where we can already invite people from those "new" forums to actual racing, while waiting for some other forums to join.
We must start getting familiar with each other and with all the regulations that go along with Cross-Forum championship.

Regulations must be kept extremely simple, at least initially, to minimize misunderstandings or even disagreements. It could be very hard trying to carry more complex rules, through language barriers and (possibly) some different approaches to racing philosophy – BEFORE we create even more understanding and trust between people from many forums.

I know you are use to much more complex regulations, but I'm sure you understand practical reasons for that. And, also that you will find our "Car choice options" exciting enough to fully enjoy these events.

Because of specific structure of “warm up" championships, you will have NO obligation to participate regulary if you sign up.
So, all folks are WELCOME to drop in, even for a one race or two, with no obligation. Just to help with some proper testing and evaluation of those regulations.
And quicker you adapt to these regulations, you'll have better race results when BIG races come 8)

There's only a simple "Confirmation Period" when those drivers who CAN participate just need to say so 24h before the Race.
Drivers can still confirm after "C.period closes", that only means they will start in loby #2 - if we get to have more lobies :)


PROHIBITION DAYS "2" - on Fridays at 20.00 CET
19.00 GMT/UTC     
Consists of 2 races on that evening, or someone's morning

1. 500 Best Reasons – 4 super machines from 500pp category (10'qualy+40’ race)
2. Rally Ch., rehearsal – to test if 2.09 has brought any hope for GT “rally”, and to have generally good fun regardless! (reverse grid+15’ rally)

Point when we have 4 races with 4 different cars on offer - is that every car can be used only once. Or in other words, EVERY CAR MUST be used once ;) But every driver is FREE to chose order in wich to use them.

1. 500 Best Reasons – 4 amazing cars

( (

1. Spa Francorchamps - 30.11.'12
2. Nurb GP/F - 07.12.'12
3. Suzuka - 14.12.'12
4. Grand Valey Speedway - 21.12.'12

Qualy lenght: 10'
Race lenght: 40'
Tire/fuel wear: fast
Tires: SS

2. Rally Championship

( (

Also to point out that rallying is done so that cars start 30sec. appart... we used to wait 60sec. before collision/slips OFF option ;) With heavy damage of course, like real rally.

1. Eiger K Trail - 30.11.'12
2. Toscana - 07.12.'12
3. Chamonix - 14.12.'12
4. Eiger Short Track - reverse - 21.12.'12

Qualy: „500“ reverse grid
Race lenght: 15'
Tire/fuel wear: very fast
Tires: dirt/snow (Eiger hill climbing race -CH)
: Re: PROHIBITION DAYS "2" - "500 Best Reasons"+"Rally Championship"
: FEDROwhatISgood November 13, 2012, 23:02:00
Here are already mentioned "extremely simplified" rules :D

All races will be held in public lobbies
Slots: depend of participants
Race Quality: Recomended
VOIP: Minimum
Host: Unfixed
Start Type: Grid Start with false start check
Penalty: Weak
Race Finish Delay: max.
Visible Damage: Off
Mechanical Damage: Light
Slipstream Strength: Weak
Tire Wear/Fuel: On - quite strong in any case ;)
Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real

Regulation Settings: (goal is to make this Championsip accesible even to drivers like me, average or less, but still to allow aliens to shine through 8) )
Vehicle Tuning: PROHIBITED
ABS: Optional
Traction Control: Optional
Active Steering: OFF
Skid Recovery Force: OFF
Driving Line: Optional

Will be done during 15’ of Free run prior to RACE.
If it looks like qualifications are not functioning – one of the organizers will first record his own “best lap time” then leave the track to enter “Watch Race” where he will record the times of all other participants.
Then the track will be reset, and organizer will call participants to enter the track in order he recorded previously. Participants will only leave the pits and park after the FIRST CORNER in that order. When all participants enter the track, organizer will START the race.

Qualifications are run only just before the race, because there just might be too many participants… one day I mean, not here, now…
But, instead of turning to qualys to determine divisions for each week – in each “division” there are “floating positions”.
Example - we have 3 rooms. In room A last 4 positions (from previous race) will have to drive in room B for next race.
Top 4 positions from room B move up to room A. But last 4 will drop into room C for the next race…
Important, CLEAN DRIVERS (without penalties or damages), will have advantage over “dirty” ones! (If someone’s points for 8th position+bonus points equal more then another drivers 4th position without bonus points).
Late arrivals will have to start from last division, there’s no other way.
Well, maybe when it comes to new forum that brings more than couple of participants – we might extend possibility to instantly place ONE driver in each division/room, and the rest would start from back?

In case of disconnection during the race:
Disconnected participant will be awarded last position. If more then one participant gets disconnected, they will be placed according to order of their disconnection.

Additional Bonuses:
- additional x* points bonus for finishing the race without any penalties. It will be awarded in case when one driver forced another to earn penalty. Or when going of track was only way to avoid other drivers or any other racing problems.
If driver can prove that he was affected by circumstances beyond his normal control, then he also receives this bonus.
If driver (A) causes another driver (B) to commit penalty - then driver A loses bonus, driver B keeps it ;)

*Actual amout is 20% of points for victory in "division 1", so that always depends on how many rooms/divisions will be needed for all participants)

NOBODY GETS BONUSES AUTOMATICALY – everyone must claim, after race, in THIS thread (no pm’s) that they deserved particular bonuses. If another participant disagrees then they MUST USE PM’s to inform organizers witch drivers failed to earn them.

- for any critical disregard towards Fair Play rules, and their spirit, driver can be penalized with starting from the back of the grid once, or until the end, or he can be disqualified from the entire championship.
: Re: PROHIBITION DAYS "2" - "500 Best Reasons"+"Rally Championship"
: FEDROwhatISgood November 15, 2012, 03:31:42
To accomodate possibility of multiple lounges/divisions, foundation will be simple spread of 1 point difference from bottom to top of ALL drivers that participated.
But TOP POSITIONS in each division will receive addition of 4,9% (for 3rd.), 10% (2nd.) and 20% (1st.) on top of their basic score. And add +2pts for victory in any division.
NOTE: values will be rounded up or down, meaning 16,5=17pts, or 19,2=19pts

Simulation of score sheats in case of multiple divisions
( (
In case we do just one room, look at example #1, and so on...

This was the only way found (so far, at least) that is Flexible regarding fluctuating number of participants.
But at same time Fair to drivers in lower divisions in case we have (let say) 20 drivers and split them in 2rooms*10 drivers.
Points would go then from 1 to 20 - with additional bonuses for top 3 finishers in BOTH ROOMS.

In case of FIXED scoring there could be enormous gap in points between in div1. and winner in div2 (when we have 2 rooms with 12 people for example)... this way points can be distibuted much more fairly totaly regardless of that.

: Re: PROHIBITION DAYS "2" - "500 Best Reasons"+"Rally Championship"
: FEDROwhatISgood November 15, 2012, 03:49:59

The nature of these champioships is firstly - to provide a place where brand new friends from different forums (that wish to participate in future events that will be called "Gran Turismo World Championships") can meet and start driving together. 8)

So, if you sign up that doesn't automaticaly mean that you must participate regulary.
There's no any need even to worry about informing us if you can't participate in coming races! ;)

Because we are trying to coordinate multiple forums, procedures must be very simple.

In this case everything works in OPPOSITE WAY:
- people who are to miss a race do not need to inform anyone
- people who are coming to race simply need to confirm that minimum 24hours before race start

And nothing else.