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Presenting: LILOO Championship
« on: September 06, 2012, 21:51:06 »

First of all, let me introduce myself. As you can see, i'm ''Iced16''. Some of you know me through online racing events and it can be said that i quite often participate in GT5 online events. Usually, it was ''GT Surgeons'' forum where i would normally find championships, but few weeks earlier one of my forum friends invited me to checkout championship on GT Planet that will soon start. Of course, i took his advice and what i found there was quite tremendous.
''Some guys'' from their own forum were organizing new championship with Lotus Elise. And now you wonder what is so tremendous? Well, to tell you the truth, what i found there was PURE.


Pure in every sense of the word. Pure as drivers, pure as organization, pure as people.
Also, their forum is called ''PURE''. (More about them here ---->
To be honest, i didn't know that online racing on GT5 can be on such high level. Again, by writing ''high level'' i mean on sheer organization, on fair play, on very, very fast and clean racing. LILOO (Lotus i love you) is fantastic and very professionally organized competition that gathers drivers from whole Europe. Players that are participating are coming from England, France, Croatia, Sweden, Greece etc. Many nations, don't you think? And who knows, maybe players from other continents will drive with us soon.
What fascinated me the most is the speed of those guys. When i say that they are fast i mean they are rally, really fast! This fast: --->

Also, it is important to say that regulations are a bit different from what we got used to. Qualifying is usually done during the week between Grand Prix. Format is 1 out lap, then 2 flying laps. On the other side, race covers distance of 100 kilometers, and mandatory pit stop must be done between 33% and 66% of the race distance.
And during the race comes the best part. Then you finally see the true meaning of ''PURE'' drivers. 16 players on the grid, and we all pass through the first corner quickly and without crashing. And even without touching! Fantastic! In my opinion, all online racing events held on GT5 should be made by looking into ''PURE'' organisation.

Here is the list of teams and drivers currently competing:

White - Surgeons are from Mars - Safety-_-Car / PhaedrusSocrate
Black - Black Sun Racing - Zikwik / Litchi
Orange - The Satsumas - TwistedMetal / R0ssingt0n
Green - Atlantic Drunks - Green / KingBestJr
Silver - Pirates - tony1311 / carracerptp
Dark Green - type 25 - Petros / KristijanCRO
Yellow - Dirac - Wardez / Joshua1994
Blue - Ayrton Senna RT - iced16 / Goodwolf
Red - VDS Racing Team - Michouw / Husqvarman
Purple - Alt+F4 Racing - VELOCI_2NR / Biffy
Cyan - Power Rangers - GTPwill / CSLACR
Pink - ??? - Bennen13 / Will-i-am
Cream - Beige Boys Racing - Sail IC / Josh_F



I hope i presented this fantastic championship to you on a right way, and i hope i got you interested in it as i was... Further details about LILOO will be posted below, in 2nd post.
"Racing, competing, it's in my blood. It's part of me, it's part of my life; I have been doing it all my life and it stands out above everything else."

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Re: Presenting: LILOO Championship
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2012, 22:09:41 »
Basic Rules:

The following rule set is based on the GTPlanet OnLine Racing (OLR) Rules & Guidline. The following rules may have been modified for use in LILOO and will be strictly inforced:

-You are expected to compete in a fair and honest manner. With fair and honest is meant according to the these rules, and the GTP online racing rules, not according to your own interpretation of fair and honest.
-You are expected to drive responsibly in a way that’s not likely to ruin the racing enjoyment of your fellow drivers.
-You are expected not to submit to bad general behavior under all circumstances.
-The position of other drivers must always be respected.
-The white lines that run the length of each track are considered the track boundaries. This boundary extends in the corners to include the rumble strips.
-Each driver is expected to keep at least two (x2) tires within these boundaries at all times.
-Cutting the chicanes or "shorting" the track at any point is strictly prohibited on all parts of the track, including the asphalt-areas behind out-of track-lines. Taking shortcuts to make up time during a race will NOT be tolerated!
-No careless driving. Always show respect for your fellow racers. Be careful. Show some patience. Understand the limitations of your car and yourself and drive accordingly.
-Quitting the race and parking your car on the side of the race track is distracting to other drivers, and is strictly prohibited.
-If you are found guilty of any of these rules, the behavior will be evaluated and penalty assessed by the Race Steward(s).
-As a general rule, if there isn’t a stated rule, then the rules as they are within a program will apply - both intentional and coincidental. I.e. the way a matter is handled by a racing program is the way that it will be interpreted by the Race Steward(s).

Race Stewards:

The people listed below are given rights to authorize rules and regulations in my absence, should they arise. If I am not around to answer a specific question, or cannot attend a race for personal reasons, drivers should contact any of them for answers. If I am absent for any reason, one (or two) of the steward(s) listed below will host that race(s).

-Active Stewards

Biffy (GTP_Biffy) EU - UTC+1
carracerptp (carracerptp) NA - UTC-7
Green (GTP_GREEN) EU - UTC+1
Litchi (GTP_Litchi) EU - UTC+2
Michouw (GTP_MichMich) EU - UTC+2
(tony1311) EU - UTC+2
Wardez (Wardez) NA - UTC-7
will-i-am (Trajikone) NA - UTC-7

-Independant Stewards

Aderrrm (GTP_Aderrrm)
Andil (Moieman)
BrosifDuder (BrosifDuder)
cicua (GTP_cicua)
Denilson (chorda)
Dr_Watson (TnJF)
GV27 (GV27-)
Iforcev8 (iforcev8)
outlaw4rc (outlaw4rc)
OwensRacing (OwensRacing)
Paginas1 (Paginas)
paulmac2k9 (GTP_PaulMac)
PureGTMuzz (PureGT_Muzz)
R1600Turbo (R1600Turbo)
redreevos (RedReevos)
RIP_Welsh_Don (GTP_Welsh-Bain)
SohnVonStig (GTP_SohnVonStig)
TheMinion (Minion07)
twistedfirework (GTP_Twist)
WiiFreak (WiiFreak)

Penalty System (PURE IPO)

Time penalties:
-Using an illegal car specification - Disqualification
-Over-stepping more than two tires past track boundaries more than three times during a race - 30 seconds
-Disregarding pre-defined 'hard' boundaries such as pit lane entry and exit markings - 10 seconds
-False race start/Jump start - 20 seconds
-Avoidable contact resulting in lost time and not yielding position back to victim * - 50 seconds
-Avoidable contact resulting in damage - 40 seconds
-Illegal blocking/blue flag rule/forcing drivers off track** - 30 seconds
-Not yielding position(s) gained through course cutting - 40 seconds
-Rejoining track from out of bounds resulting in blocking race traffic - 20 seconds
-Sustained aggressive driving during race *** - First detailed warning
-Committing any offense while under probation - Championship disqualification

How to self-serve or otherwise resolve the incidents during the race, effectively ridding or severely reducing penalties, classifying the accident a racing incident
-Not applicable.
-Let off the throttle by at least 50% for at least 3 seconds after cutting, do more so at your own discretion if a more severe cut has taken place.
-See 2. If cutting on pit entry, simply either hold yourself in the pit stall for three seconds after release (use the start button) or give a slow start coming out of the pits by using less than 50% throttle for at least 3 seconds.
-Either get back in line or give back positions gained. If you caused the field to al jump start in a mess, the formation lap must be reformed and corrected on the next lap.
-Wait for the victim to re-gain control and start again behind them. You are not to attempt a re-pass until going past two major (numbered) corners.
-Wait for the victim to re-gain control and start again behind them. You are not to attempt a re-pass until going past two major (numbered) corners.
-Wait for the victim to re-gain control and start again behind them. You are not to attempt a re-pass until going past two major (numbered) corners.
-Allow the driver to safely re-take their position before the following lap ends.
-Allow all drivers past and start behind them. (See #5)
-If it’s apparent enough to the driver, simply serving a self-sustained 15 second pit box hold penalty will resolve the issue on track.
-Not applicable.

 *The rule for yielding positions is that you must wait for the car you affected to rejoin or otherwise reorient themselves into the race on track no matter how long it takes for them to do so. Once they are on an effective course either to continue the race or make their way to pit lane for repairs you are allowed to overtake normally as per OLR rules.

 **Blue flag rules state that lapped drivers, in the same class, must do their best to allow the leaders an unobstructed racing line. If the lapping car approaches the back-marker during mid-corner or if in a group of multiple back-markers then they must be treated the same as in a mixed class race with said driver(s) being the lower class - this means the lapping driver must follow basic multi-class racing etiquette, allow the drivers to hold regular lines and overtake at the safest following opportunity.

 *** Being warned the second time will incur a championship points penalty of a value equal to 7th place position in the championship. A third warning will put the driver in probation therein by committing any subsequent offence will cause them disqualification from the championship.

 Event Participation

 If for any reason you know prior to a race you’ll be unable to attend, please post on the thread as soon as possible. If you fail to advise me of your intention to be absent in sufficient time before the start of any two consecutive events, you run the risk of being excluded from future events.

Points System

-Drivers will be scored on a linear scale based on their finishing position in the race. Every car will be included in the classification to assign a base score, irrespective of classing. The base score is based on the following matrix:
              "A Room" - positions 1-16 following a linear scale from 48 to 18 points separated by 2 point gaps.
                        48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18
              "B Room" - positions 17-32 following a linear scale from 16 to 1 point(s) separated by 1 point gaps.
                        16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Once the base scores have been determined, bonuses will be applied to add graduated value for success. Qualifying will carry a 1 point bonus for pole position. A podium bonus will be added to the race results. In the top division ("A Room") drivers on the podium will earn a bonus of 6, 4, and 2 points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respective. For the lower half of the field ("B Room") the bonus will be reduced to 4, 2, and 1 point(s) for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respective.

Room Settings

All races and qualifiers will be held in public lobbies
Slots: depend of participants
Race Quality: High
VOIP: Disabled
Host: Unfixed
Start Type: Grid Start with false start check
Penalty: None
Race Finish Delay: Depend of the track (RFD will be 110% of a lap time)
Visible Damage: Off
Mechanical Damage: Light
Slipstream Strength: Weak
Tire Wear/Fuel: On
Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real

Regulation Settings
Car Restrictions: None
Vehicle Tuning: Unrestricted
522pp - 700kg
ABS: Optional
Traction Control: OFF
Active Steering: OFF
Skid Recovery Force: OFF
Driving Line: OFF

Qualifying procedure

Live-week long qualifying, one out lap, two timed laps, one chance. All qualifying will be done in public rooms. All times will be submitted to and collected on a related website interface created by PURE members.

 Each driver will quali in race mode. The host will give the go ahead to join track after doing two car checks. A maximum of four drivers can qualify at the same time but only if there are four more drivers in the racing lobby able to spectate the session and confirm the laps as clean. These other drivers do not need to be stewards themselves. The race will be set to 4 laps.

 Lap 1 is your warm up, Lap 2 and 3 are your 2 flyers, lap 4 is your "cool down." The 4th lap is an extension to give the steward time to note the data. You must always finish the 4th lap if not stated otherwise by the steward.The 4th lap is also there if more than 1 car is qualifying at the same time (Start with 15 seconds between drivers). This is because, technically, the last driver in a session can be more than 180 seconds behind (which is the maximum end race timer setting), so to make sure even the last driver is able to finish his 2nd flying lap, the 4th lap is there.

 If a lap is dirty a standard penalty of 2% of the dirty lap's time will be added onto it to make the time official. A clean lap will always be made the official time over a dirty lap even if the dirty lap with the penalty added is still faster. A qualifying session can under no circumstance be restarted. You'll get one shot, and one shot only.

You are allowed to reconnect and start from where you left off (must be confirmed by the observing steward) but the lap that you disconnected on will count as "dirty" with no registered lap time. So if you disconnect during your warm up lap, all is good, just reconnect and restart your session.If you disconnect during your first flying lap (Lap: 2), that lap is dirty, and you may reconnect, but this time, only your second flying lap (Lap: 3) will count.If you disconnect during you second flying lap (Lap: 3), your first flyer will be your time. No need to restart the session since your last flyer, the one you disconnected on in this case, is dirty with no registered lap time.

 If the person watching your lap, if it's just the two of you for example, disconnects for some reason this automatically disqualifies the session unless you save and upload the replay and the host watching confirms that the laps in the replay was indeed the session he was watching. Otherwise you must re-attempt your qualifying.

Qualifying Deadline

6 hours prior the race (13.00 UTC)
 Any times completed after this deadline will be given a 2% penalty.
Qualifying deadline is the point at which you can no longer enter a qualifying room in order to set a time. All that is required for you to meet deadline is for a driver to actually be in the room before deadline, after this (due to high volume of late qualifiers) drivers in the room all have a 30 minute last-second grace period in order to do their runs.

Race Procedure

Race length: 50mn - 1h
First lap is the formation lap (max speed is 120kmh / 70mph)
During the formation lap, everyone must put his car in the right position.
At the end of the Formation Lap, self-grid by parking the car in the correct position on the grid.
The race will start when the clock displays a time that will be given before each race.
Every race on the schedule will require at least one mid-race pit stop (between 33% and 66% on each track)
Drivers that quit any race for any reason will forfeit all points they may have earned for that particular race. (This does not include disconnects which are no fault of said driver)
Any race finish that results in a tie between two or more drivers, will be corrected by examining each drivers fastest lap time during that race.

The Car

1. StatsLotus Elise RM '96
202hp @ 7200rpm
700kg (+55kg) / 522pp (with full DF)
Sport Hard Tires
2. Installed PartsBody / Chassis
Chassis Reinforcement* (optional)
ECU Standard
Engine Upgrade not allowed
Power Limiter 100%
Intake System
Sports Intake Manifold*
Racing Air Filter*
Sports Exhaust Manifold*
Sports Catalytic Converter*
Titanium Racing Exhaust
Turbo Kits
High RPM Range Turbo kit*
Fully Customizable Transmission
Twin Plate Clutch
Semi-Racing Flywheel
Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
Fully customizable LSD*
Fully Customizable Kit
Brake Balance Controller
* = New parts.







"Racing, competing, it's in my blood. It's part of me, it's part of my life; I have been doing it all my life and it stands out above everything else."

Ayrton Senna