Author Topic: Dear GTS Regular Members, welcome to GTSurgeons  (Read 4585 times)

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Dear GTS Regular Members, welcome to GTSurgeons
« on: November 16, 2012, 00:20:39 »
Dear GTS Regular Members, welcome to GTSurgeons.

As a Regular Member you have the possibility to participate in the initial

- You can write in all open (visible) parts of the forum
- You can post new topics in International Lounge, also in Regular Members part of the Forum, as well as part of the Buy & Sell section.
- You can post images and attachments in all visible threads.

As a Regular Member not able to see or participate in closed - private - parts of the forum. To do this, you need to pass in the status of GTS Full Member.

Moving to Full Member status is very simple. By obtaining recommendation of another member of the GTS Full Member status or quality of participation of the GTS forum, which will automatically bring GTS Full Member status.

We hope that you will stay on be enjoyable and that you will be as soon as possible GTS Full Member and enjoy GTSurgeons membership!

We are here for anything you need to ask.
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